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Bai Zhi - Dahurian Angelica Root

Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract;

Packaging: 100g/Bottle; 200g/Bottle; 1kg/Bag; or customize

Chinese Name: Bai Zhi

English Name: Dahurian Angelica Root

Latin Name: Angelicae Dahuricae Radix

Properties: Warm; pungent.

Functions: To release the exterior, dissipate cold, dispel wind, relieve pain, open nose orifices, dry dampness and relieve abnormal vaginal discharge, disperse swelling and expel pus.

Indications of Bai Zhi Extract Granules

Common cold, headache, supra-orbital bone pain , pasal congestion, nasal discharge, allergic rhinitis , sinusitis, toothache,  vaginal discharge, sore, ulcer, swelling and pain.

Efficacy of Bai Zhi

Resolving exterior syndrome and dispelling cold, expelling wind and relieving pain, dredging nasal orifices, drying dampness and stopping belt, reducing swelling and discharging pus, expelling wind and relieving itching.

Contraindications for Bai Zhi

Incompatibility of traditional Chinese medicine: Evil Xuan Fu Hua (Inula inula).

Precautions for Bai Zhi

This product is spicy, warm and dry, and should not be taken by those with yin deficiency and blood heat

Pharmacological effects of Bai Zhi

1. Antibacterial effect:

a. The water decoction of Angelica dahurica has a certain inhibitory effect on Escherichia coli, typhoid bacillus, paratyphoid bacillus, sonnell bacillus, Proteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Vibrio cholerae, etc.;

b. The water infusion of Angelica dahurica also has inhibitory effect on Microsporum audouin.

2. Photosensitization:

a. Linear furanocoumarins have photosensitizing effect, among which paresin B has the strongest activity.

b. 50% Angelica dahurica tincture can improve the skin's sensitivity to PUVA (long-wave ultraviolet rays) and strengthen the effect of ultraviolet rays;

c. 50% Baizhi tincture plus small dose of PUVA can affect LC (epidermal immune cells) and cellular immune response in the body.

3. Others:

a. Angelica dahurica furanocoumarin together with epinephrine and ACTH can inhibit the synthesis of fat from sugar by insulin, and scopolamine has obvious anti-inflammatory effect.

b. A small amount of Angelica dahurica toxin can excite the central nervous system, increase blood pressure, and cause salivation and vomiting;

c.A large amount of Angelica toxin can cause tonic convulsions, followed by general paralysis.

d. Bai Zhi can only counteract the depression of the central nervous system caused by snake venom.


Store in a cool & dry place.

How to use bai zhi extract granules

Oral, or as directed by your health care professionals.

Bai Zhi Extract Granules Supplier and Manufacturer – Tianjiang

Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd. which is under the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (“Sino Pharm”).

Founded in 1992, Tianjiang is a herbal extract granules supplier and a pioneer in the related fields of scientific research, industrialization and marketing. Tianjiang was the first herbal extract granules manufacturer to receive China’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for pharmaceutical products. Since then, Tianjiang has developed 30 patents on the extraction, granulation, and packaging of herbal extract granules.

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All Tianjiang Pharmaceutical single herbal bai zhi extract granules are tested for heavy metals, pesticide residues, aflatoxin, sulfur dioxide, microbes, as well as identification (TLC/HPLC).

Product Specification for Bai Zhi Extract Granules