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He Zi - Medicine Terminalia Fruit

Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract;

Packaging: 100g/Bottle; 200g/Bottle; 1kg/Bag; or customize

Chinese Name: He zi

English Name: Medicine Terminalia Fruit

Latin Name: Chebulae Fructus

Properties: Neutral; bitter, sour and astringent.

Functions: To astringe the intestines, stop diarrhea, constrain the lung, suppress cough, downbear fire and soothe the throat.

He Zi belongs to the medicine for astringing the lungs and astringent intestines under the classification of astringent medicines. Flat in nature, bitter, sour, astringent in taste. Return lung meridian, large intestine meridian.

Indications of He Zi Extract Granules

Chronic diarrhea and chronic dysentery, bloody stool, prolapse of the rectum, cough and wheezing caused by lung deficiency, chronic cough, sore throat and hoarse voice.

Efficacy of He Zi Extract Granules

Astringent intestines to relieve diarrhea, astringe lungs to relieve cough, relieve throat and open tone.

Contraindications for He Zi

Incompatibility of Chinese and Western medicines:

1. It is not suitable to be compatible with vitamin B, glycosides, alkaloids, ferrous salt preparations, and sodium bicarbonate preparations, which will cause precipitation and affect absorption.

2. It is not suitable to be compatible with isoniazid, because it is easy to decompose and become invalid.

3. It is not suitable to be compatible with enzyme preparations, which may change properties, reduce efficiency or fail.

4. It is not suitable to be compatible with vitamin B, and may form complexes, which will reduce or fail.

5. It should not be used together with sulfa drugs, as it can cause toxic liver disease.

Precautions for He Zi

Take it with caution for those with unresolved exogenous pathogens and internal damp-heat stagnation.

Pharmacological effects of He Zi

1. Anti-pathogenic microorganism effect

He Zi (Medicine Terminalia Fruit) water decoction has a strong inhibitory effect on Shigella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and diphtheria bacillus, and it also has inhibitory effects on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, pneumococcus, hemolytic streptococcus, Proteus, and typhoid bacillus inhibition.

He Zi extract has inactivation effect on influenza virus and obvious therapeutic effect on herpes simplex B virus.

Ethanol extract still has antifungal effect.

2. Effects on the digestive system: it has cathartic and antidiarrheal effects.

3. In addition, He Zi also has certain antispasmodic, astringent and anti-oxidative effects.


Store in a cool & dry place.

How to use he zi extract granules

Oral, or as directed by your health care professionals.

He Zi Extract Granules Supplier and Manufacturer – Tianjiang

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All Tianjin Pharmaceutical single herbal he zi extract granules are tested for heavy metals, pesticide residues, aflatoxin, sulfur dioxide, microbes, as well as identification (TLC/HPLC).