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Huang Lian - Golden Thread

Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract;

Packaging: 100g/Bottle; 200g/Bottle; 1kg/Bag; or customize

Chinese Name: Huang Lian

English Name: Golden Thread

Latin Name: Coptidis Rhizoma

Properties: Cold; bitter.

Functions: To clear heat, dry dampness, purge fire and remove toxin.

Indications of Huang Lian Extract Granules

Dampness-heat stuffiness and fullness. vomiting, acid reflux, diarrhea and dysentery, jaundice, high fever with loss of consciousness, intense heart fire, insomnia caused by vexation, palpitations, blood heat with hematemesis, red eyes, toothache, wasting-thirst, swelling abscess, deep-rooted boil and sore; 

Topical application: eczema, dampness sore, purulent discharge from the ear. Coptidis Rhizoma (processed with wine) is good at clearing fire-heat in the upper energizer, and can be used for red eyes and mouth sore. Coptidis Rhizoma (processed with ginger) can clear the stomach and harmonize the stomach and check vomiting, and can be used for cold-heat binds, dampness-heat obstruction in the middle, stuffiness and fullness, and vomiting. Coptidis Rhizoma (processed with Evodiae Fructus) can soothe the liver, harmonize the stomach, stop vomiting. and can be used for vomiting and acid reflux.

The efficacy of Huang Lian

Clearing away heat and dampness, purging fire and detoxifying. Guixin, spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, large intestine channel.

Contraindications of Huang Lian

1. Incompatibility of Chinese and Western medicines:

(1) It can reduce the activity of trypsin and pepsin, so it should not be used together.

(2) The compatibility of injection and penicillin is extremely unstable and should not be used together.

(3) Berberine is a strong basic alkaloid, which can produce precipitation with various acidic drugs, so it is not suitable for compatible injection.

(4) Reserpine can inhibit the antihypertensive effect of Huang Lian, so it should not be used together.

(5) Propranolol hydrochloride can significantly inhibit the antihypertensive effect of Huang Lian, so it should not be used together.

(6) It should not be used together with digitalis cardiac glycosides, as it can lead to an increase in the concentration of cardiac glycosides in the blood and is prone to cardiac glycoside poisoning.

(7) It should not be used in combination with Western medicine alkaloids such as atropine, aminophylline, caffeine, etc., which can increase drug toxicity and easily cause drug poisoning.

(8) Do not declare compatibility with iodine ion preparations, sodium bicarbonate and other alkaline western medicines, heavy metal medicines such as ferrous sulfate, magnesium sulfate, aluminum hydroxide, etc.

2. Food taboos: avoid pork and cold water.

Precautions for Huang Lian

Huanglian severe cold, excessive long-term use can easily damage the spleen and stomach, and should not be used for those with spleen and stomach deficiency. Bitter dryness easily injures yin and fluid, and should be used with caution in patients with yin deficiency and fluid injury.

Pharmacological effects of Huang Lian

1. Huang Lian has a wide antibacterial range

a. It has strong antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Pneumococcus, Vibrio cholerae, Bacillus anthracis and Shigella except Sonnellum, among which the inhibitory effect on Shigella is the strongest. And can enhance the phagocytosis of white blood cells;

b. It also has antibacterial effect on Klebsiella pneumoniae, Bacillus diphtheria, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus pertussis, Yersinia pestis, Brucella and Mycobacterium tuberculosis;

d. Poor effect on Escherichia coli, Proteus and Salmonella typhi;

c. It also has inhibitory effect on Leptospira, amoeba, trichomonas, influenza virus and various pathogenic skin fungi.

2. It also has the effects of lowering blood pressure, promoting choleresis, antipyretic, sedative, analgesic, antidiuretic, and local paralysis.

3. In addition, it has a relaxing effect on vascular smooth muscle, and has an excitatory effect on the relaxation of smooth muscle in the uterus, bladder, and gastrointestinal tract;

4. Berberine and some derivatives have anticancer effect;

5. Berberine can reduce the heart rate of toads, has excitatory effects on the isolated atria of rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats, and has anti-arrhythmic effects

6. Huang Lian and Huang Lian extracts have anti-ulcer effect.


Store in a cool & dry place.

How to use huang lian extract granules

Oral, or as directed by your health care professionals.

Huang Lian Extract Granules Supplier and Manufacturer – Tianjiang

Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd. which is under the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (“Sino Pharm”).

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All Tianjiang Pharmaceutical single herbal huang lian extract granules are tested for heavy metals, pesticide residues, aflatoxin, sulfur dioxide, microbes, as well as identification (TLC/HPLC).

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