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Tianjiang Pharmaceutical's intelligent pharmacy system is an ideal solution for Chinese medicine pharmacy management. It features accuracy in weighing, proper mixing, and standard packaging.

The central component of an intelligent pharmacy is the computerized herbal dispenser. It consists of a prescription information system as the main control, and an automatic dispenser connected to the herbal cabinet. The system retains the main characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and provides the customer a blend of herbal granules with adjusted dosages in perfect accordance to physicians’ diagnosis. It achieves the goal of uniformly mixing different granules in one prescription and divides the mixture equally into separate packages so as to be convenient for patients to take, carry and store.

• Keep the traditional prescription formats, and maintain the characteristics of Chinese herbal decoctions.

• The system can be connected to the clinic HIS system to receive electronic prescriptions

• Adopt RFID wireless radio frequency communication, fast herbal identification, and omit the scanning step.

• Measuring both volume and weight to ensure accuracy and efficiency

• Automatic, integrated packaging and sealing, eliminating the need for manual sealing

• Easy to use with graphical human-machine interface + full voice guidance

• Standardized cleanness and hygienic, excellent operating environment, meet the requirements of modernization and standardization.

Intelligent dispensing equipment

Tianjiang intelligent medicine dispensing system MD6120A has improved the performance from the previous generation, with higher efficiency and higher accuracy.

It is equipped with an automatic dust removal system to minimize the contamination; the advanced automatic packaging function (bag) that improves the convenience for patient carrying and taking the decoctions. The equipment has six mixing stations, and together with the automatic packaging system to greatly improve the efficiency.

Intelligent herbal pharmacy design mode