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Full-cycle Management and Quality Control of Raw Herb Material

Raw Herb Material Plantation Bases(GACP)

A conflict exists between small Chinese herbal growers and the big markets and large circulations. Small scaled farmers have limited products, with poor quality and low accountability. It is difficult for them to enter the big market. In order to solve the problem, to connect small farmers with large markets and meet the requirements of economic development, systematic innovation in organization must be carried out. It must protect the sustainability and ensure traceability and continuity of Chinese herbal resources, and stabilize the price by reducing malicious competition. Tianjiang, under the direction of Base Management of Group Purchasing Center is responsible for the implementation and management of the construction of Chinese herbal medicine bases. For the individual grower, the base construction model is: “company + regional supplier + base”, resource sharing, and forming strategic alliances.

As of June 2022, our company has established 110 GAP planting bases in the country. The base strictly implements GACP standards.