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Qualities in Manufacturing

1. Optimal Extraction

The key factor for the products potency is optimal extraction process. New dynamic extraction technology of basket extraction and forced circulation is used to improve the component transfer rate and extraction rate as well as to stabilize the product quality; Steam distillation technology is used to maximize the retrieval of essential oil.

2. Quality in Extraction Purity

Membrane filtration technology and ultra-high-speed tangential jet vortex rotary technology is used to improve flavoring, solubility, and clarity of the solution.

3. Quality in Concentration

High temperature will affect the plant constituents during the concentration process. We believe that the true efficacy of herbal therapies arises from the inherent therapeutic properties of the whole herb. Using low temperature vacuum concentration, with lower temperature (40 ° C - 60 ° C) to avoid the sensitive constituents to be decomposed by heat. The “Method for Improving the Concentration Efficiency of Chinese Herbal Granules with fatty oil Content” was granted a national authorized patent.

4. Quality in Drying Process

A crucial step in making Chinese herbal granules is to turn the herbal decoction into an easily preserved powder.

The spray drying equipment Tianjiang designed is for high heat and moisture sensitivity.The spray drying equipment is specially customized for heat sensitivity, poor drying property, low softening point and strong hygroscopicity to keep the stability for the products.

5. Quality in Granulation

Dry granulation technology is to use the inherent viscosity of Chinese herbal powders, to produce herbal granules through multiple steps of compression, molding, pulverization, and granulation.

The success is hailed as a major breakthrough in the production of Chinese herbal granules, and it is at the leading edge both domestically and internationally.  It is combined with various granulation methods such as dry method, wet method and fluidized bed to ensure the stability of product quality.

The “method for improving the dry granulation formability and particle quality of Chinese herbal granules” has obtained the national authorized patent.

6. Optimize Product Qualities 

As the leader in the industry and the innovator of the granule herbal extracts, Tianjiang has developed many menthol and technologies to optimize the quality of the products , and obtained relevant authorized patents:

• "Method for Improving Water Dispensability of Chinese Herbs with High Fatty Oil Content”

• "Method for Improving the Solubility of High Mucus Content Chinese Herbal Granules”

• "Method for Preparation and Usage of Flavoring Agent in Chinese Herbal Granules"