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Sheng Jiang - Fresh Ginger

Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract;

Packaging: 100g/Bottle; 200g/Bottle; 1kg/Bag; or customize

Chinese Name: Sheng Jiang

English Name: Fresh Ginger

Latin Name: Zingiberis Rhizoma Recens

Properties: Mild warm; pungent.

Functions: To release the exterior, dissipate cold, warm the middle energizer, stop vomiting, resolve phlegm, suppress cough, and reduce toxin of sea food.

Indications of Sheng Jiang Extract Granules:

Common cold caused by wind- cold

vomiting caused by stomach cold

cough with cold-phlegm

sea food poisoning.

Efficacy of Sheng Jiang Extract Granules:

1. For cold and cold. Shengjiang can produce sweat to relieve the surface, dispel wind and cold, but its effect is weak, so it is suitable for mild syndromes of wind-cold and cold.

2. For stomach cold and vomiting. Shengjiang warms the stomach and dispels cold, harmonizes the middle and lowers the adverse effects, and is good at relieving vomiting, so it is called "the holy medicine for vomiting".

3. For wind-cold cough. Shengjiang is pungent and warm, can warm the lungs, dispel cold, resolve phlegm and stop vomiting, so it can be used to treat wind and cold in the lungs, cough with excessive phlegm, aversion to cold and headache.

4. Shengjiang can detoxify Pinellia, Aracea and fish and crab poisons.

Contraindications for Sheng Jiang:

Shengjiang hurts yin and helps fire, so people with yin deficiency and internal heat should not take it.

Pharmacological effects of Sheng Jiang:

1. Shengjiang can promote the secretion of digestive juice and improve diet;

2. It has antiemetic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and detumescent effects;

3. Shengjiang alcohol extract can excite vasomotor center, respiratory center and heart;

4. Normal people chewing Shengjiang can increase blood pressure;

5. It has different degrees of antibacterial effects on Salmonella typhi, Vibrio cholerae, Trichophyton vioradis and Trichomonas vaginalis.


Store in a cool & dry place.

How to use sheng jiang extract granules

Oral, or as directed by your health care professionals.

Sheng Jiang Extract Granules Supplier and Manufacturer – Tianjiang

Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd. which is under the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (“Sino Pharm”).

Founded in 1992, Tianjiang is a herbal extract granules supplier and a pioneer in the related fields of scientific research, industrialization and marketing. Tianjiang was the first herbal extract granules manufacturer to receive China’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for pharmaceutical products. Since then, Tianjiang has developed 30 patents on the extraction, granulation, and packaging of herbal extract granules.

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All Tianjiang Pharmaceutical single herbal sheng jiang extract granules are tested for heavy metals, pesticide residues, aflatoxin, sulfur dioxide, microbes, as well as identification (TLC/HPLC).

Product Specification for Sheng Jiang Extract Granules